Cycle Counting Types and Procedure of Cycle Counting

cycle count procedure template

This will help eliminate inventory write-offs and spot problems before they blossom into major headaches. Making inventory counts a regular part of your facility’s daily operations eliminates the need to shut down for counts. By following this simple outline, you’ll be able to manage your inventory process better, ensuring you have accurate records for tax and accounting purposes.

Consider using a tag count in conjunction with a cycle count to ensure accuracy. You also can use the following programs to indicate that counted quantity is on certain existing license plates. You can access LPN cycle count procedure template Detail Entry program from the Row menu on Cycle Count Entry form or from the Form menu on the Tag Count Entry form. When the cycle-count category codes method is used, the system references UDC table (41/8).

The Frequency of Cycle Counting Methods

Any leftover items will be automatically copied to a new count sheet, to make it easier to continue next time. Even on a perpetual inventory system, there are a lot of things that can happen to your stock levels. Stuff can break inside of your warehouse, items can get lost while reorganizing, and people can make mistakes while recording quantities. These factors can cause your records to deviate from what’s actually on the shelf. In order to maintain proper inventory accuracy, you’ll need to run the occasional cycle count. Cycle count in inventory management is a small portion of the inventory on a particular day without doing the whole manual stocktake.

  • Finally you can also specify how many items to return for counting including the Top 10, Top 25, Top 50 or All items.
  • One technique is to perform an ABC Classification of your inventory.
  • Instead, you use the processing options to specify the number of tags to print.
  • However, we should consider inventory classification as a multi-criteria problem in practice.

“A” items may be your fastest-moving SKUs or most valuable assets. Inventory control software can identify the counted as A, B or C items. You may want to count your “A” items more frequently, and “B” and “C” less regularly. Cycle counting doesn’t eliminate the need for a physical inventory count – it just helps you maintain your inventory’s hygiene until the next big pass. If you haven’t been keeping up with your inventory management at all, don’t go straight into cycle counting. Conduct a physical inventory count so you have an inventory accuracy starting point. Physical inventory counts are more disruptive making it a better choice if you have fewer products and can count all your stock without closing your store for the day.

2.1 Understanding Cycle Counts

While we’re still a little ways away from the widespread adoption of warehouse robots, it is something for inventory managers and supply chain professionals to keep an eye on. Walmart has started testing robots for inventory monitoring tasks in its stores.

How floats are stored?

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Print Barcode Format Select this check box to print the report in bar code format. Randomly alternating between counting staff limits the chances of theft or coordinated attempts to rig the count. That said, balance the need for loss prevention with risk management. Introducing inexperienced staff to the count can lead to losses in other ways. Cycle Counting allows you to count fast-moving items more frequently than slow-moving items. These random sample counting techniques are both effective, so choose the one that works best for your business.


Assuming cycle count indicator is set on materials, first step in cycle count process is to create cycle counting documents. Once you’ve assigned dedicated store staff to cycle counting, make a plan to document the cycle counting process, and close out all transactions before you start counting. This cycle counting process involves focusing on a small group of products and counting them repeatedly in a short period of time. If your products are similar, random sample cycle counting is a good option. With this method, you can choose a random number of products to count during each cycle count.

Cycle counts are ways for your business to fight back against the chaos and set the record straight. With the help of digital solutions, companies can keep track of every single article. This is done with the help of product serialization, electronic identification systems, and even industrial robots. The main benefit of using such solutions is the real-time availability of the data and minimal shrinkage. Instead, try to include it in the working hours when that portion isn’t under usage. We have understood the techniques used for cycle count, and if you want to implement an enhanced version or change the existing one, I am listing down the quick steps below.


Those who are familiar with your process will not make as many mistakes when carrying it out. If you have the resources for it, alternating between 2 or more trained counting teams on a regular basis can reduce the risk of error as well. With the mobile app, users can scan bins and items, automatically recording the cycle counts without leaving the floor.

“If warehouse processes cause an empty bin by a picking order, then a command is given to the warehouse worker to have them count the bin and confirm it is empty. This action quickly verifies that the bin is empty and will help the facility confirm that the count completion of the item warehouse location level was correct,” explains Conway. If using the ABC method, classify items into the respective counting groups using specified, documented processes. How often you do a cycle count depends on your company’s goals and the method you choose to use. Audit inventory regularly and calculate the inventory accuracy percentage. Implement any inventory counting policies or procedures, if necessary.

That said, from a financial point of view, failing to properly account for high-value items can be detrimental to the business. Counting your goods to ensure the final number matches up with your purchase orders helps you identify instances of loss or theft. This transaction can be used as working transaction for inventory administrators. User can use inventory reference number to group cycle counting document. In the above example, last five digits of serial numbers will be printed on physical inventory document. Shopify POS comes with tools to help you manage warehouse and store inventory in one place. Forecast demand, set low stock alerts, create purchase orders, know which items are selling or sitting on shelves, count inventory, and more.

cycle count procedure template

The next time they are counted is when the full audit for the entire warehouse or company is done, which is around four times a year. The remaining groups are audited regularly as per the selection criteria set by the company’s management. They are built with the help of seasoned workers, engineers, and tech experts who replicate, study, and deduce results on a particular activity. To define the standard operating procedure for cycle count, a control group is set. The personnel will count the items in this group of articles several times within a short period.

So that answer is simple to understand – cycle inventory is the part of the inventory that any seller cycles through to fulfill regular sales orders. Now the manager has to perform the approval process for the counts. This will be done for all the items the user has been assigned to count. Each user will follow this same procedure for their assigned items.

cycle count procedure template

Apart from internal processes, these audits are also required for financial accounting or taxation compliance purposes. In cycle count, a limited portion of the total inventory is counted at a time to constitute the figures for the entire stock. As a sampling technique, it utilizes data from a small portion to quantify the bigger picture. This technique is also used for estimating the general perception of the public during the elections.

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